On how hip-hop has changed:
"There's one thing that's inevitable in life, and that's change. Each time a new person puts their hand in it they're gonna change it…sometimes for the good and sometimes for the controversial, but I'm never gonna say bad. There's no such thing as bad when it comes to hip-hop. Everybody got their own point of view.

”On the art of dj-ing:
"I love MCs, but I'm sorry, they don't work as hard as us. Man versus machine—you gotta make five inanimate objects talk to you and do your bidding. That means two turntables or more, a mixer and two pieces of vinyl. It's a juggling act. I love what the X-ecutioners and the Skratch Piklz are doing. Q-Bert is phenomenal. I'm like a happy father!”

On the state of hip-hop:
"If hip-hop would've stayed in the Bronx, I'd be forced to do something else. If it didn't get the necessary exposure, I don't know where I would be. With Grandmaster Flash, [DJ] Kool Herc [and] Afrika Bambaataa, it was groundbreaking. It was an alternative to the music of that time, and now for it to have grown like it is, they can no longer tag it as a fad. It's damn near the biggest music on the planet and it's more multicultural than any other music. Being one of the people who made this from nothing, I'm glad to be here.”