Normally, we ride shotgun with Diddy's executive decisions (Kain, Dream and Da Band aside). But concerning Wanita "D. Woods" Woodgette our favorite fifth of Danity Kane, Diddy's head game has been far from proactive. In his biggest brain fart since claiming, "Cassie's not a bad singer, the Bad Boy guru seems to take issue with the Springfield, Massachusetts, native's show-stopping thickness. In fact, Diddy once claimed the 22-year-old diva was "one hamburger away from exceeding Danity's weight capacity.

Even if you huffed with Puff, though, you can't blow D. Woods down. The Nicole Richie diet wasn't an option for the professionally trained, West African dancer. And considering her group's self-titled debut has outsold Press Play, D. Woods and her curvy physique seem to have fans convinced. Good thing, because her hidden passion could potentially enhance future Danity Kane videos - stripper poles plus music equal one happy Wanita.

Since Making the Band ended, we've made ogling your page of the album booklet a daily operation. How was it shooting fresh pics, slightly less-clothed?

I've never done a shoot for a magazine, so you guys popped my cherry [laughs]. It was fun, though. Going in I was like, "I'll do it, but I gotta talk to them about what I'm gonna wear, 'cause I ain't doing no backshots.” My mama would be mad.

Parents just don't understand. Why has the group been sexing up magazines individually lately?

We have five different girls who come from different backgrounds and ethnicities, with different audiences that we cater to. I'm not gonna be
doing [Town & Country]-type stuff with Shannon if they ain't checking for me. And I wasn't in the Blender and Maxim issues with Aubrey, so it just makes sense for me to rep for who I'm representing.

Of course, and you've always been our favorite, anyways just ignore those Aubrey pinups behind you [laughs]. Why do you think Diddy is so critical of your curves?

I feel like he puts stuff out there to see how you'll react. Even with him talking to me later about it, he said he had to say certain things because that's what other people are going to say. In my heart I don't feel I have a problem. The only thing that affected me was the manner in which he did it, because I thought it was disrespectful.

Funny thing is, you're not even that thick. Compared to Cassie, though, you're Monique.

I'm not big. Genetically, the women in my family got thighs and booty, so that ain't gonna go nowhere no matter how much I run on the treadmill. In fact, he made me run three [more] miles a day than the other girls, and I was telling him, "You might not wanna do that—I'm gonna be all muscle. When I come back in here looking like Flo-Jo, I'm going to look like I'm about to beat somebody's ass.”

Then you'd be a really bad girl.

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