Let's head to the past to July 2007 for XXL Issue 93's Eye Candy shoot featuring the immeasurably beauty, Brittany Dailey.

We see photographer Howard Huang do his thing as he shoots Brittany against the backdrop of the city. The concept of the shoot is a summery look, which is made clear by Brittany's costume, an outfit that consists of a yellow bikini top, white short shorts and a lollipop being used as a prop to great effect.

Huang gives her direction as she poses in front of stores, by public telephones and draped against a chain-link fence. It's amazing just how much Brittany can add to the scenery just by lending her presence to a location. That's the power of a gorgeous, confident girl.

The last bits of the photoshoot have Brittany with her back arched and her body pointing towards the sky. This sunbathing scene is supposed to let her work with the sun's rays so that she looks like she "pops" out of the scenery a lot more. We're sure she pops wherever she goes, given her drop-dead gorgeous face and her incredible, fit body. We just can't get enough.

This photoshoot proves why she's one of our favorite 'Wild 'N Out' girls ever and why she holds a special place in our hearts. You can see more of the African-American/Apache/Irish beauty by following her on social media. She's active on Instagram and Twitter, so give her a follow and keep up-to-date with her current events and her modeling career.

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