Today we look back at the beautiful Kara Allison and how she gave all of our hearts a one-two punch in this XXL Eye Candy video.

In this video, we see the Eye Candy of the Year for 2011, Miss Kara Allison, as she poses and answers a few, brief interview questions for the camera. This Miami beauty drives all the boys wild with her 32DD-24-39 body, making her a genuine knockout; only fitting, considering the fact that this shoot took place in a boxing gym.

Besides seeing her do her thing and look good for the camera, we're treated to some B-roll footage of boxers training and even Kara herself with some handwraps and then some gloves, ready to give the old speed bag a throttling. We wouldn't mind going a few rounds with her ourselves, though we're pretty sure she'd have us KO'd way before the 10th round.

Speaking of duking it out and coming out on top, here's what Kara had to say about beating the competition and becoming the victor that year: "I’m very excited to be the Eye Candy of The Year. It’s a big deal and I wanted it. It was a very tough competition. All of the ladies are beautiful so I’m flattered I won against such tough competition. It’s also very humbling to see how much people support you it was an eye opener for me."

It's good to see a champ that's both strong and humble. Become a fan of the gorgeous Kara by following her on Twitter to see what she's up to these days.

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