What up world? That's some Sway from MTV shit to say but eff it. Didn't know how to start my lead off blog so I leaned on some line you heard of before. Isn't that what Hip-Hop is about now? Nothing major about my blog though. I'll just be jumping on randomly, whenever I get bored or some shit, so don't hold me to that post a day schedule most cats do.I've been thinking about how to attack this bloggin' phenomenon for some time now, it's crazy that I check some of my favorite bloggers sites every 20 minutes, like a fiend. I'm truly addicted to celebrity news like the next nut job, all the gossip, all the time. Yet, I find time to listen to Queensbridge rappers Lake and Cormega's collabo album, My Brother's Keeper ("Dirty Game" is my fav, check Soundtrack). I'm weird like that.

Looking forward to seeing how blogging will effect my approach to writing as well. Mostly I edit pages for the mag and knock out my editor's letter (a lot of thought goes into those shots at the top of my KINGPEN page so appreciate them damn it!) that you see in every issue of KING Magazine, so this will be a welcomed challenge to get my writing chops in order. With blogging being the way of the world I want to try it on for size. I want to get feedback from y'all about whatever I post and whatever you want to talk about. I'll be putting up songs and videos (I swear I'm not biting El'), but I'll have some surprises in the stash as well. Some live chats are in the horizon and exclusive interviews are planned, but if none of that shit happens you'll just have me, hahah. Bad for you.