Money does much more than talk. In the dating world, dollar stacks are like keys to chastity belts. Problem is, true tycoons are a rare breed. But po' folk shouldn't panic. Fabolous, hip-hop's resident rough-edged heartbreaker, feels your pain—after all, his latest album is called From Nothin' To Somethin'. Known for his lady-killing records, the Brooklyn rapper could moonlight as the hood Dr. Ruth. So we've presented Living Good Loso with quite the predicament: Successfully execute a date with a measly $19.78 to your name. Can Fabolous make us better ballers on a budget

If your closet is light on Armani and heavy on designer knockoffs, stick to what works. "Just keep it clean with a crisp, new $2 white tee,” Fabolous says. "Maybe even a headband or bandana.” And it doesn't hurt to arrive with gifts. "Bring some flowers,” he adds, "to set the tone
[for] a more romantic than flashy date.” Just save the fake blooms for grandma's crib.
Flowers: $4; T-shirt: $2; bandana: 30 cents

Bring a disposable camera to capture your tender moments, and just point and click. "Ask somebody on the street to snap some pictures,” Fab says. "The two of you doing funny poses and hugging.” The recommended setting for such a paparazzi tactic: the zoo. "Take her picture with the zebra, yours with the polar bear or something.”
Disposable camera: $1.55

Assuming you're perfectly comfortable displaying those one-pack abs, the beach is a destination for light spending. "The best bet is to save your money
on new trunks and wear some old basketball shorts,” says our expert. "Girls love laying out, enjoying the weather.” For variety, pack some playthings. "Corny things like building sand castles could be good.” FunMaker Sand Tools: $1.13

For more on-the-cheap dating strategies from Fabolous, pick up the September 2007 issue of KING Magazine, on newsstands now!