Cue the Michael Buffer intro. In this corner, we have the champion, an experienced scrapper from Brownsville, Brooklyn, who goes by the name one-hit Hank. His opponent: You, a lesser-skilled, unprepared lightweight whose combat experience has been limited to Street Fighter cartridges. This could get ugly.

Luckly, Lupe Fiasco offers his self-defense expertise. Besides giving microphones lyrical beatdowns, the 24-yyear-old phenom is also swift with Samurai swords and holds black belts in karate and WuShu (a style favored by Jet Li), thanks to having a martial arts teacher as a father. Interestingly, Lupe's ass-whooping expertise has made him gentler. "One thing I lost when I was in karate was my will to fight," says the straight-edge Muslim, whose debut, Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor, is whipping elder peers into shape. However, instructing weaklings is a different story. To do more than just kick and push, practice these bruising tactics from Mr. Fiasco regularly.

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