When Jason Kidd filed divorce papers against his wife, Joumana Kidd, the New Jersey Nets point guard said his wife was certified 7:30. No surprise to us. Looking at the recent track record of some of these other ladies, it seems safe to say, the prettier they are, the crazier they get.

Naomi Campbell - Supermodel turned thug misses, Campbell took reaching out and touching someone to another level. In 2006, Campbell was arrested in New York and charged with second degree assault for allegedly laying the smackdown on her housekeeper with a gem encrusted cell phone. Talk about blood diamonds.

Foxy Brown - Arguably the dopest female MC ever in hip-hop, Brown put her rhymes into action and proved she was flat out crazy after a dispute in a Brooklyn nail salon. Classes in anger management and mayo jars filled with Ritalin never proved more necessary than when Inga's on the loose. From manicurists being placed in witness protection to drive-by assaults on teens, the Fendi-toting monster-diva is not to be messed with.

Maia Campbell - Remember Maia Campbell? The actress who played the tall, dark and lovely girl next door in LL Cool J's now-defunct sitcom, In The House? Just as we can't forget her bouncing down the stairs, we'll never forget what happened in her room when mediatakeout.com posted a now classic video of her topless serenade. Campbell's fine as hell, but it's obvious what happens when she stay's in the house too long.

Lauryn Hill- The most famous Fugee, Hill was revered as one of the most innovative and beautiful musicians in the late 1990's. But after disappearing on us for about four years, she returned - under the tutelage of a spiritual advisor known only as "Brother Anthony", clad in a ruggedly fitted, oversized button-down and attempted to woo her audience with an accoustic guitar and husky, dry voice. This followed with performances in which she criticized the audience for applauding her and not allowing people to touch her. Talk about the x-factor.

Vivica A. Fox - Fox is by far one of the few people who lives up to her namesake. But after her much public dumping by rapper 50 Cent, things haven't been quite the same for the former KING cover girl. Check the symptoms: She unleashed what she referred to as her "ghetto side", much to our amusement, started to show up to premieres in what looked more like wedding dresses than evening gowns and in 2006, followed a cosmetic route that made her look like Michael with her money.

Tyra Banks - We all know television is about the ratings, but the lengths to which Tyra Banks goes to get them are as mountainous as her forehead. It's obvious this woman just wants to feel important, even though people constantly tell her she is. The wardrobe malfunction in 2006 was when she suited up as a member of Chingy's entourage on her own damn show. Then she nearly tried to become an advocate for overweight women by, how else, adding synthetic pounds to her waistline. She's in progress to become America's next True Hollywood Story.

Beyonce´- How a gorgeous girl can have such ugly insecurities is a mystery to some and too close to castration for others. Alter-egos are always a red flag for dysfunction, but Beyonce's gremlin-like character, "Sasha" is ready for Bellevue. Watch her morphing the hell out performance in the "Ring The Alarm" video. Maybe Jay means 'batty' when he calls her B.

Halle Berry - Four decades on this planet as one of the most beautiful women in history and the only souvenirs she can claim are three failed marriages and one working ear. Sure she's the only African-American actress to win an Oscar, but that gets no love in the home - word to David Justice and Wesley Snipes. And don't think we forgot about old man Billy Bob tearing it up in Monster's Ball. The last time you played a role that crazy, Spike Lee had you on crack.

Kimora Lee Simmons - The blazin' Asian known as Kimora Lee (Simmons?) is a low-kick to the groin. Don't believe us? Then, explain why she dips her feet in a tub of Cristal just to massage her toes. If Cristal is good for the toes, then weed smoke is good for the nose, as police offers found out on one routine arrest. And yeah, smiling during a mug shot? Only other people who do that are cold-blooded killers.

Compiled and written by Mike Brown, Rodney Dugue, Brandon Edwards, Shawn Lawrence James and Brian Miller