youngjeezy_review.jpgYoung Jeezy is the perfect parasite. No one in rap chomps or mutilates the beat more violently and successfully than the Atlanta native. His choice of instrumentals easily straddle as a crutch and a weapon with Jeezy choosing when to appear helpless on the churning backdrops and when to attack on the lifeless synths of his sophomore effort, The Inspiration.

Jeezy raps with the urgency of a man who knows not his prime or what it feels like, taking nothing for granted and gambling everything. It's his sublime sense of being holed up in a bottle of adversity that forces him to grunt hard as shit on tracks like "Bury Me A G” and "3 AM". Jeezy still cannot construct a song with his spineless raps, haplessly mixing and meshing and meshing and mixing his words to no avail,  B.I.G. said it first mo' money mo' problems /the way I see it mo problems, mo' money. He needs his own category at the Grammys: Best Form of Rapping By a Non-Rapper. His rapping is no more than emoting; no more than growling; no more than functional.

His humor is tartar-tasty (You want to assassinate my character/I'm not acting) but at least it has a taste. The album ends with Jeezy never traveling more than a few inches from the "trap". He's not one to rattle the senses, but more importantly, he knows the most direct route to the ears – through the heart. - Rodney Dugue

Tracks Mentioned

Bury Me A G

3 A.M. featuring Timbaland