Today we look at a girl who's so incredibly fit and attractive that she inspires us to get off the couch. Here's the lovely Aisha Thalia.

Aisha Thalia is a model, actress and fitness enthusiast who's got a social conscience and likes to give back to the community and help make things better for people. She's got a master's degree in education from the University of Pittsburgh, meaning that she's definitely got the brains, drive and the heart to help others. In fact, during her earlier days, she worked with inner city youth and taught them how they could improve the world around them, instilling a sense of compassion in them.

Apart from being a complete caring individual, Aisha has been featured in print magazines, commercials, films, music videos and she even hosted a hip-hop radio show. Needless to say, she's got a very extensive list of accomplishments and a penchant for helping others, which is something we admire very much. Not only does she turn her focus on local issues using her position as a model and actress, but she also touches on global problems, proving that she looks at the big picture and doesn't limit herself.

Of course, that's not to mention how beautiful she is, rocking curves that could make grown men like us cry. She's also a mom and a fan of curls, so those are interesting tidbits to keep in mind when appreciating her good looks. Become a fan of Aisha's by checking her out on Instagram, Twitter and her own official website.