It's time to end the week on a high note and show Aisha Thalia some love. Take a look at this model's hottest GIFs.

She's got Irish, German and Trinidadian in her blood and a look so unique and gorgeous that we can't help but stare. There's just something about girls from Miami, Florida that we just can't finger, but it's always so present in their demeanor and how they carry themselves. Aisha is no exception, oozing sexuality and a sense of fun in every photo she takes and every video she records.

In the gallery below, we've got some of the best examples of Aisha's sensual nature in action. She positively drips with charisma, confidence and sexual energy, which is something we love to see in a woman. Become a fan of hers by following her on Instagram and Twitter. You'll be kept updated with her moves in the industry and be treated to more sexy photos.