It's time to take time and turn our attentions toward Bria Myles, an accomplished model and video vixen extraordinaire.

Bria Myles was born in Los Angeles, California, making her another great contribution by the Golden State. It seems fated that she would become a part of the entertainment industry, especially given the encouragement she received from friends while she was younger. Her first big gig was the music video for "Brand New" by Rhymefest feat. Kanye West. After that moment, she began to get even more gigs and became a genuine video vixen, with her gorgeous looks and out-of-this-world curves appearing in music videos for tracks like "Dem Jeans" by Chingy, "Girl Tonight" by Twista feat. Trey Songz and "Friday Nights" by Field Mob.

After all of those music video appearances and with her alluring appearance, it's only natural that Bria Myles was tapped to appear on different print publications. She's appeared on magazines such as KING, Show, Black Men, Smooth, XXL and Currency. As a result of all of these appearances, she garnered more fans and further cemented her position as a dream girl for many a man. Is there any surprise?

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