Take a step back into the recent past as we get into the (slight) wayback machine to pay tribute to Bria Myles, the beauty who graced the cover of the Winter 2012 issue of KING.

Bria Myles is a model who started appearing in print, music videos, and television in the mid-Aughts. This Los Angeles native's debut came when she appeared in the music video for "Brand New" by Rhymefest and Kanye West. After the world was introduced to her, it's no surprise that it wanted more of the model/video vixen. Some of her credits include being a backup dancer for the Ying Yang Twins on the Carson Daly Show and a background dancer for R. Kelly at the 2005 Billboard Awards.

She's been continuing her modeling career and shows know signs of slowing down, which is what one would expect from a beauty who's been featured in magazines like KING, BlackMen, Smooth, XXL, Show and Currency Magazine.

On top of modeling and dancing, Bria also acts and sings, rounding out her skills and making her a true talent who shouldn't be missed. As one would expect (and hope), Bria can be found across many social media outlets, meaning that you can find her being active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Follow her to keep up-to-date on her appearances and to see even more of her sexy photos.

Take a look at some of her more recent photos down below and revel in how amazing Bria looks.