If you didn't know who Claudia Sampedro was, you could have sworn she was Kim Kardashian, but this Cuban beauty has a look all her own.

Claudia is a fitness model, so it comes to no surprise that her body is incredibly fit, rocking toned muscles and chiseled abs. She could give us a run for our money when it comes to physical fitness, but we're pretty sure she could also outrun us as well.

She seems to be perpetually tan, with sun-kissed skin so perfect that we're not sure whether or not she was created in Photoshop by a higher power. With her awe-worthy physique, it's no wonder that she boasts 888,000 followers on Instagram and 143,000 fans on Twitter.

Besides being a wonderful example of eye candy to look upon, Claudio also helps further the cause of health living. She works out constantly and acts as an inspiration to people out there who want to take control of their health and fitness goals. What better way to motivate people on their fitness journey than to stand as an example for what one can achieve if they're dedicated and work hard.

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