Because we can't get enough of Claudia Sampedro, here's an offering of some more of her hot GIFs.

She's the fitness model that we love to look at and she also happens to run through our dreams every now and then. There's no denying that Claudia Sampedro sort of looks like Kim Kardashian, but we still maintain that she's got her own brand of sexiness that few of us, if any, can resist.

We've decided to do your eyes a favor and treat them to the sight of Claudia Sampedro in action once again, in beautiful GIF form. Her incredible figure takes center stage in these GIFs and we're powerless to turn our eyes away from the screen. Come gaze upon the small gallery below and then make your way to Claudia's Instagram and Twitter pages in order to become a fan of hers. You'll be treated to more photos and, as a result, get your eyes some more candy.