We've established long ago that not only are things that come from Texas bigger, but sometimes they're some of the loveliest gifts to man. Example? Jessica Kylie.

She's also known as "Miss Rabbit," hailing from Houston Texas and rocking some of the most dangerous curves we've seen this side of the Mississippi. Jessica Kylie Zepeda is of Irish and Latin descent, giving her a unique look that drives us mad. "Curvy" isn't enough of a word to describe Jessica's amazing body, the contours of which you'd need a map to fully explore.

This incredible vixen has graced many television shows, magazines and music videos with her image, so chances are that you're already a fan of hers and have been smitten by her dangerously good looks. She's appeared in Quest Magazine, Regime Magazine, Pressure Magazine, Smooth Girl, Lowrider, Straight Stuntin, Black Men, Urban Ink and Juice, just to name a few publications that have been lucky enough to have her.

She's made plenty of appearances in film and TV, including H-Town the Movie and as a television personality on the Latin TV station, Mun 2. In the summer of 2015, you'll see even more of her as a Wild N Out girl on MTV2. When the future is full of Jessica Kylie, it definitely looks bright.

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