We're sure you had things to do today, but there happens to be a GIF post here featuring Jessica Kylie, so you're going to have to take a minute.

There's a reason she's also known as "Jessica Rabbit" around the world, given that her curves are the kind that will send your eyes swinging out of your head. You probably know her from her appearances in print magazines like Quest, Regime, Straight Stuntin, Black Men and more, but it's quite another thing to see this gorgeous Irish/Latina vixen in motion.

Down below, we have a series of GIFs that show Jessica Kylie in action, in all of her curvy, bouncy glory. If you thought guys could be thirsty before, then these GIFs will have them dehydrated to say the least. Check out the humble gallery below and then follow Jessica Kylie on Instagram and Twitter to see more of her great pictures and to keep updated on her moves in the industry.