Today we set our sights on Peruvian princess Kattya Heredia. Prepare your hearts, because this one will make you fall for her with one glance.

She's slightly mysterious and carries around an air of the unknown about her, but that's just what draws us to Kattya Heredia in the first place. She's every bit as ambitious and as talented as many of the models you already know and love, but there's just an ethereal quality about her that we can't place, but is completely alluring. Maybe it's the fact that she always looks amazing in whatever she wears, effortlessly turning simple gym clothes into something more alluring when they hug her curves. Maybe it's the fact that she looks stunning and absolutely gorgeous at all times, giving her this quality that almost makes her seem like she's perfect.

On top of modeling, Kattya also does a bit of hosting, appearing at several night clubs and attracting crowds full of her fans. With over 130,000 followers on Instagram alone, is there any surprise that she'd draw huge crowds? She also owns her own line of swimwear called the Kayline Collection, making her a bona fide businesswoman. Kattya Heredia pretty much has everything you'd want in a woman. If you're not yet a fan of hers, you can follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Keep up to date on her appearances and check out all of her incredibly hot pictures. We guarantee that you won't be able to tear yourself away from your screen.