We're turning our attentions to a familiar face, Peruvian bombshell Kattya Heredia. You owe it to yourself to check out her GIFs.

While it's not news that Kattya Heredia has an incredible figure and a gorgeous face, you might not have been aware that she's got the kind of moves that would make lesser men break. In the set of GIFs we've got for you down below, we can see the seductive Kattya doing her very best to entrance you with her gyrations and movements. And, we're not afraid to admit, we're putty in her hands after seeing her work like this. Every twist, undulation and swivel just gets our minds going places that aren't proper for the middle of the day. That's the kind of power that Kattya has.

Check out the gallery below and follow her on Instagram and Twitter to see more of the incredible Kattya Heredia and to keep up with her hosting gigs around the nation.