Don't mix her name up with a radio station, because Ksyn (pronounced "kay-sin"), is an amazing professional dancer and so much more.

She describes herself as a dancer, model, actress and beauty blogger, making her a woman of many hats. Ksyn may be a great model and her shots have definitely circulated the Internet, but she's also been dancing since she was a 5-year-old. Although she started very young, she lapsed for a bit and got into sports like basketball and football, making her a bonafide tomboy. She got back into the dance world when she was 10, taking on various styles of dance like African and Jazz. Of course, this didn't deter her from continuing with her athletics and she joined track and field and cheer leading. These were the building blocks that would eventually lead to Ksyn becoming the amazing woman we know and love today, able to strut her stuff in both sports and the world of modeling.

One of the biggest impacts in her modeling and dancing career came from her youth group, Teens in Motion. This group allowed her to focus her energies and led to opportunities to perform with Usher, Next and Alicia Keys.

If her performances weren't enough, she's also launched a class called "Body Language: The Art of Seduction," which is an instructional class that teaches women to express their sensuality with their bodies and empower them. This is something we can definitely support. Become a fan of Miss Ksyn on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with her moves and see more pictures.