We promised ourselves to refrain from any Private Dancer references after doing a one-two step with professional dancer and actress Ksyn. Word to Tina Turner. So much for keeping our word.

What came first, dancing or modeling?

I was doing African dance and step before I started modeling. I was in a youth program in the Bronx called Teens in Motion, which is a performing-arts program for teens. I started out as a stepper, and when they started the modeling section of the program, I decided to try it. They brought in people to train us in posing and how to walk the runway. After training, we started doing fashion shows all over the tristate area. I have been doing it ever since.


I also had the opportunity to perform with Beyonce at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, and with Alicia Keys for the 2010 American Music Awards.

What is Beyonce like? Uh, never mind. For your KING shoot, you wowed the crowd with a taste of the "Single Ladies" routine and your flexible preparation. Do those moves pay off in the bedroom?

I do use my dance moves in the bedroom; especially the sexy moves I learned while taking pole classes.

Planning to moonlight at the local nudie bar anytime soon?

[Laughs] No, I started taking the classes for a live show I am in called Siren Assassins. Here's a plug: Go to sirenassassins.com for information. It is a multimedia, dance, cabaret-style show about 12 femme fatales who bring you into their own fatal attractions, as they are tested to become a part of the lethal female-assassin team.

That sounds more like a group of men surviving their girlfriends' monthly cycles.

My character is Kaori Couture, and she is an exotic dancer and model. So to get into the character, I started taking pole classes so that I could use it during the show. I liked it so much that I started taking the class as a workout and to learn some new tricks for the bedroom.

You get a gold star for being honest. Now, back to those pole-dancing tricks paying off...

You learn the art of seduction and how to be seductive. Plus, being able to bend in different ways and have a great arch always helps in the bedroom.