She's gone be the monikers of Angel, Angel Lola Luv and LoLa Monroe, but no matter how many names she has, she's definitely one of a kind.

Those who have followed LoLa Monroe's career since the beginning might have been surprised to see her keep changing her name, but it makes all the sense in the world, considering the fact that she's always evolving in the entertainment industry. Because of her growth, it would only make sense for her to change her stage name to fit with her current persona.

She's graced KING's presence many a time and it's no wonder why, given her amazing attributes and gorgeous body. She's a triple threat, touting her talents as a rapper, model and actress all rolled into one. If that weren't enough, she also happens to be quite beautiful, rocking one of the luscious set of lips we've ever seen and a dangerously curvaceous body to match. Just one glance from those seductive eyes and any man would be putty in her hands. And you know what? We wouldn't mind in the least.

If you're not a fan of hers yet, then do yourself a favor and check her out on social media. For more on her hot pics, you can check out her Instagram. Be sure to follow her on Twitter as well, in order to get the latest news on her moves in the industry, as well as her general day-to-day thoughts.

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