She's known as Angel, Angel Lola Luv and LoLa Monroe, but we know her simply as one of the most gorgeous girls to grace the cover of KING Magazine.

LoLa's photoshoot for the cover of the December 2007/January 2008 issue of KING Magazine is among the hottest of all time. Draped in only a sheet, she is a vision of beauty, grace, sultriness and every type of sexy imaginable.

She said, "My KING magazine cover shoot experience was wonderful, from the styling, the makeup, the looks, the set -- it was great. I enjoyed it; I had a good time."

At the time of the shoot, she had just launched her acting career and wrapped up a few projects, like the Wendy Williams biopic, Queen of Media. She would later go on to release mixtapes and act in other projects. She changed her name to LoLa Monroe as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe, a woman she greatly admired who also acted, modeled and sang. It's not hard to see how much of an influence the Hollywood legend had on her.

"I'm just getting into acting, but it's not that hard for me. I'm actually working with an acting coach right now. I actually have another leading role in another movie, so I'm really getting into it right now," said LoLa.

It's great to see the beginnings of her acting career and to know that she's still active in modeling, acting and recording music. You can keep up to date with her moves in the entertainment industry by following her on Instagram and Twitter.

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