We're sure that many of you have fallen for the charms and good looks of Nicole Mejia. So why not take a look at some more of this beauty.

She's quite a figure in the fitness world and helps inspire others around her to adopt a healthier lifestyle, if only to look more like her. She makes her home in Miami but grew up in Pembroke Pines, FL. Even as a child, she struggled with body image issues and was even bulled for being overweight. After high school, she got serious about making a change and started living healthier, resulting in the gorgeous, curvaceous body you see before you. It's no surprise then that she began to model and became quite successful at it. Given her good looks, natural curves and humble nature, she became one of the hottest models around Florida.

And, like other positive people often think, Nicole felt that she had to share her gift with others and founded her own fitness company called Fit and Thick in 2013. Since the founded of the company, she's helped bring the Fit and Thick movement across the nation to help other women realize their fitness goals and feel more positive about their body image. That's the kind of movement we can get behind.

Show your love for Nicole by visiting her on Twitter and Instagram. There, you'll be able to keep up with what shes doing in both the modeling and fitness worlds and see more of her amazing pictures.