You're going to need to do some yoga after checking out Nicole Mejia's hottest GIFs, just to get your heart rate down.

Nicole Mejia is a model and fitness buff who hails from Florida. She's of Colombian, Italian, Scottish and Cherokee Indian descent, making for a very unique look and an amazing set of features. This multicultural beauty helps other women attain her level of sexiness with her fitness company, Get Fit and Thick. That's the kind of business we can get behind, especially when the owner is a shining example of leading that kind of lifestyle.

Nicole stands at 5'4" and rocks measurements of 34B-24-39, giving us an amazing body to look at when she's posing in photos. In the GIFs below, she's wearing some black tape to great effect and just generally showing off her amazing curves. You can see more of her Nicole Mejia by checking out her Instagram and Twitter accounts.