2 Chainz has become a top-tier MC for witty ad-libs and clever metaphors in his rhymes, which has not only made him a sought-after artist for features, but a rapper that is among many hip-hop fans' top 10 rappers lists. While Tity Boi has been putting in work for decades now, a few fans on Twitter today are celebrating his absurd punchlines and funny lyrics.

On Monday (July 5), a fan posted on Twitter his observation of Chainz's hilarious bars and colorful personality throughout his career. "2 Chainz is one of the funniest rappers ever," the person tweeted. "Some of his metaphors make absolutely no sense but they be fye [fire] and rhyme."

That tweet prompted fans to recall some of Deuce's funniest rhymes, some of which don't really make complete sense.

One user tweeted lyrics from Chainz's 2013 song "U Da Realest" that goes, "Rest in peace to all the soldiers that died in the service/I dive in her cervix."

Another person showcased another weird bar from Chainz from his track "Yuck!" from the 2012 album Based on a T.R.U. Story. The line goes: "Known to act a donkey on the camel toe/Then take the camel toe and turn it into casserole."

One fan even compared Chainz to Eddie Murphy and complimented the Atlanta rhymer for his clever metaphors. "2 Chainz is the Eddie Murphy of Hip Hop. Tha metaphors are so savage and timely that you can't help but to enjoy," he wrote.

Check out more tweets from people citing 2 Chainz's hilarious bars throughout his career below.

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