Once again, I've had too much free time on my hands. Like always, I've come up with 20 questions:

1. With Cam'ron and Jim Jones officially beefing, how many awful diss records will we have to endure?
2. Why do people drive slow as hell but speed up when you try to pass them?
3. As much as we don't like Paris Hilton, isn't her 45-day jail sentence over-the-top?
4. After watching him disappear against Golden State, how many MVP voters wish they could take their ballot back?
5. Aren't you excited for Michael Moore's new healthcare documentary?
6. As much as we love Nas and Kelis, doesn't their new reality show look a little dry?
7. Isn't it kinda ill that Usher fired his mom right before Mother's Day?
8. Hasn't VH1's Charm School taken the Flavor of Love franchise too far?
9. While we're on the subject, where the hell did Flavor Flav go?
10. If we all boycott gas on the same day, won't we just have to buy it the next day at a higher price?
11. With all of these DUIs being given to celebrities, why don't they just get someone else to drive?
12. Are the Republican candidates smart enough to be scared of Fred Thompson?
13. If you had to choose, would you prefer a "Hillary-Obama” or an "Obama-Hillary” ticket?
14. With his recent penchant for trouble, shouldn't we really be worried about Busta Rhymes?
15. Aren't we proud of Oprah for pushing Russell Simmons during the Town Hall meeting?
16. Even though they were both based on the same old formula, wasn't Pride a million times better than Freedom Writers?
17. Wasn't it sad to see Floyd Mayweather's father supporting Oscar De La Hoya?
18. Why do people look in the tissue after they blow their nose?
19. Does anyone believe a boxer or a rapper when they say they're going to retire?
20. Aren't you ready for another Chris Rock special?