Once again, I've had too much free time on my hands. Instead of being productive, I've come up with the following 20 questions:
1. With John Amechi coming out of the closet, will more people believe Tracy McGrady's claim that "5% of the NBA is gay?”
2. After crushing the "Walk It Out,” "Throw Some D's,” and "You” remixes, is Andre 3000 finally ready to rip mics again?
3. Don't people take Myspace "Top Friends” too seriously?
4. After the Joe Biden/Barack Obama fiasco, will White people finally stop marveling at how "articulate” educated Black people are?
5. Why do people always say, "to make a long story short,” after telling a long ass story?
6. Has Memphis Bleek turned into Jay-Z's hype man?
7. Why is The Apprentice Los Angeles so bad?
8. Isn't Freedom Writers just an updated version of Lean on Me, Dangerous Minds, Stand and Deliver, and Coach Carter?
9. Didn't Common's "I Have A Dream” single almost make the movie worthwhile?
10. Shouldn't the Indiannapolis Colts' offensive line get a little more credit for that Super Bowl win?
11. Whose beefs are more calculated, G-Unit, Dip Set, or Rosie O'Donnell?
12. Who actually buys things from infomercials?
13. Whose idea was it to make Rocky 6?
14. Will there ever be anyone as original and impactful as James Brown?
15. Politics aside, why the hell does Oprah's African school need a fireplace?
16. Isn't "swagger” the most overused word in the public vocabulary?
17. Which non-word is more annoying, "irregardless” or "conversate”?
18. What ever happened to ABC After School Specials?
19. With Brandy caught up in a manslaughter case and Ray J making sex tapes, how embarrassed is the Norwood family?
20. Wouldn't the whole world benefit from 12 months without Beyonce?

Feel free to answer these or add your own!!!!!