"...I Sent You Mine For Free."

If Bun told you to chill, why make the record? It's over the price of a verse or did I miss something?

LOL @ "you ain't got no blow, if you do, bitch go get me some..."

One thing's for sure - "he's been around" and definitely knows the difference between "faggots and the punk aggins."

And if these fucks are charging $50K for verses, I swear I got in the wrong field or I'm writing the wrong shit. Bitterness.

Listen -  Pimp C - What?

Pimp is starting to remind me of the dude Tat shot @ the beginning of Menace II Society and somewhat disoriented about reality, very akin to my uncle who came back from 'Nam & it took about seventeen odd years for him to adjust back to things.