She Spies star Natashia Williams is unforgettable…if you recognize her.

Now where have you seen Natashia Williams before? She obviously doesn't look familiar. But even fans of her show on NBC's She Spies, or those who might have spotted her bit part in How to Be a Player, or anyone who's seen her former work as a model might not recognize this beautiful and warm 24-year old if they ran into her on the street. It's no reason to panic or get your eyes checked—Natashia's just got one of those faces (and those heads of hair) that are more versatile than a Swiss Army Knife. It's a rather fitting skill for her to have, as Natashia is multitalented below the surface as well.

KING: One of your earliest roles was in the movie How to Be a Player. What's the one thing you wish all men knew about women?

NATASHIA: Oooh—so much to say. I wish men would look a bit deeper. It's not all about what you see on the outside, it's not all about the rack. It's way deeper than that.

KING: Do you find it harder to find guys who'll do that since you have a nice, uh, outside?

NATASHIA: Well, it's a little frustrating to give your number to a guy only to find out he only wanted it to see if he could get it.