AGE: 26

HEIGHT: 5'6”


ETHNICITY: Dominican

HOMETOWN: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


TWITTER: @CarolinaCatalin

YOU'VE SEEN HER IN: "Beamer, Benz and Bentley” video by Lloyd Banks featuring Juelz Santana; "If It Ain't About Money” video by Fat Joe featuring Trey Songz; "Tipsy in the Club” video by DJ Webstar; Aventura's K.O.B. album cover


KING: How does it feel to be KING's Foreign Exchange model for this issue?

CAROLINA: It's definitely an honor to be a part of this issue. Being a foreigner myself, it shines an amazing light on us, showing we can get to where we want to be as long as our minds are set on the correct path.

This is true. Now, what do you want people to know about the Dominican Republic that they don't already know?

People need to know what a beautiful country it is. It's not just a poor, small country, as many might incorrectly assume. We have many different beautiful cities everyone can enjoy.

You also have a laundry list of beauties who rep your country. Let's see, there's Zoe Saldana, who is half Dominican, 2003's Miss Universe Amelia Vega, Rosa Acosta, actress Dania Ramirez…okay, losing focus. Why are there so many bad women from there? Es algo en el agua? Translation: Is there something in the water?

[Laughs] There's definitely something us Dominican women carry besides beauty. The values we have been given, the sense of security and confidence, makes use 100 percent sexier, in my opinion.

Just want to let you know we were brushing up on our Spanish using Rosetta Stone before sitting down with you. Impressed?

For a man to impress me, he has to be himself.

If a non-Latino man can talk to you in your native language, it won't, er, le producen calor y molesta? For the inept, that's "make you hot and bothered.”

No, he has to value a woman for more than what she is. Now, if a man who is not Latino speaks the language, it might be funny, but he gets an A-plus for effort.

Thanks for realizing our dedication. When did you come to this country? And how long did it take for you to adapt to American culture?

I came to this country years ago. But it didn't take me too long to get adapted—about a year to learn the basics, and every day I learn more and more. I love to be well rounded, so the learning never stops.

Although, hanging out in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan for a day practically makes you an honorary Dominican. Considering you moved to New York, did you feel at home when you realized that there is a heavy population of your brethren in the city?

I didn't quite feel at home, because nothing compares to our beautiful land, amazing scenery and weather.

Yeah, all of that trumps winter in the Big Apple.

But being around my own people definitely made it comfortable and made the transition much easier.


How is beauty viewed in your country in comparison to how it's viewed in America?

In my country, beauty is appreciated for how different everyone is. We all look so different and come in so many different colors, shapes and sizes. In America, in my opinion, people aren't appreciated for what they truly are, and are constantly being molded to fit their opinion of beautiful.

Is that what makes the women from there so caliente?

Confidence is key; confidence is sexy.

What makes you sexy?

Well, I would say one of my best physical attributes is my smile. Many are intrigued by it. Through my smile, you get to know me on a whole different scale, and I express myself through it.

You have a very heavy accent, which is equally as intriguing. Do men find that to be a turn-on, or do they not comprehend what you're saying?

I do have a strong accent, but most men I encounter find it sexy, and the ones who get lost still find it sexy. It's part of me and makes me who I am [laughs].


Okay, we've been busting our culo trying to impress you with our knowledge of your language. Now it's your turn: Say something sexy en español.

Hay, papi, que rico….

That just sent shivers down the spine. Please indulge us with the meaning?

"Yeah, baby, it's so good.” [Laughs]

We'll save asking you how many times you've used that line for another time. But what do you look for in the opposite sex?

I look for a man who appreciates me for more than the physical. He needs to be gorgeous—in my eyes, at least—very charismatic, funny, attentive to my needs and, overall, loyal.

Here's a fun fact about you that we dug up: You had a tiny role in the 1997 film Amistad. What was your role and how did you score the gig?

Yeah, I played a beautiful slave. They had a casting call on the radio, and I went to the audition, which was crazy.


Guess a lot of people wanted the chance to work with Steven Spielberg.

There were so many people, but I got lucky and got my role. I think this was the most important thing in my career, because it was the beginning of everything.

Is there anything that you want your new set of fans to know about you?

I want my new fans to know that I'm just a real girl doing what I love to do—and I am not here to hate on other women. We are all gorgeous and need to support each other in such a difficult industry. I don't encourage negative energy. Only God can judge me, so why should you?

Muy bueno.