Can you remember the first time you heard a style that was completely unfamiliar to you, but blew your mind nonetheless?

This writer can.

My childhood sessions of Hip-Hop consisted strictly of West Coast mainstream future classics such as The Chronic and Doggystyle. But it was one song that came out of left field (literally) that really opened my eyes to explore the other realms the genre had to offer. On my 13th birthday, I was given the overlooked soundtrack to the terrible Street Fighter movie and received a crash course in the Art Of The MC. Sporting lyrical heavyweights such as Nas, LL Cool J, and the Pharcyde, my favorite easily came from the second track "Come Widdit".

A universal banger that isn't partial to any particular region's sound that featured 3 credible West Coasters unknown to me at the time. Kicking things off was Ahmad of "Back It The Day" fame who delivered a verse laced with metaphors that this kid just had to memorize and let the world hear it all the same. Up next, one of the best to never do it. Ras Kass spit with such flavor and dexterity that it overwhelmed me the first couple listens. I was accustomed to the more simpler beat riding method of rapping and a MC jolting all over the place was foreign to me... and still, I dug it! And last and definitely was Saafir (a.k.a. Kane's cousin Harold) who sort of failed to uphold the standard set by the previous verses, but made it to the finish line regardless.

With a chorus that showed interaction between the rappers than some cookie-cutter hook of the assembly line, this was/is phat. (Say the P-H!). Suffice to say, this kid let his tape rock til' his tape popped.

A1 - Come Widdit (The Fredwreck Remix) (4:15)

A2 - Come Widdit (Joe Quixx Remix) (4:57)

A3 - Come Widdit (Radio) (4:33)

B1 - Come Widdit (The Fredwreck Remix Instrumental) (4:50)

B2 - Come Widdit (Radio Instrumental) (4:35)

Ras Kass, Ahmad, and Saafir - Come Widdit

Bonus Cut - Ras Kass - Won't Catch Me Runnin'

Do you have any promos, maxi-singles complete with B-sides, instrumentals, etc like they used?

Shoot'em to us.