FACE CARD   Life often imitates art when it comes to Jamie Hector, who, like his character, Marlo, on The Wire, bypasses distractions like chasing skirts or getting high. Though there are differences, to be sure: Jamie, who is in his late 20s, reps hard for Brooklyn, not Baltimore, he trains in martial arts, not homemade shooting ranges, and spends his free time working to keep kids off the streets, not on them.

On The Wire, people say, "That set looks so authentic.” 'Cause it is! It's Baltimore!

My approach to my work is a combination of Rakim's stern discipline and poetry, Nas's observation, Jay-Z's business savvy...oh, and 50's anger. But he'll smile with it, so is it anger?

A lot of successful cats apply the strength of a man and the patience of a female.

Everywhere I go, people say
, "I know a dude just like [Marlo] in my 'hood.” The 'hood is the 'hood, around the world, so I relate to the common points.

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