FACE CARD Mychael Knight says he thinks too much. When the 29-year-old fashion designer hatches an idea, he tends to analyze it from all angles. It might not be best for making deadlines, but then again, Knight is no longer concerned with winning challenges on Project Runway. He's now launching a jewelry line, Stars by Knight, and a womenswear line that he claims is for starlets, soccer moms and everyone in between.

Quality jewelry is what I'm doing. We have nothing but the best diamonds from all over the world. It's gorgeous and fabulous.

The worst thing I've ever worn was nothing. I'm a purveyor of style. Everything I wore was appropriate to what was going on at that time. I've never had a bad day.

When I first saw Heidi Klum, I damn near shitted on myself. She scared the shit out of me because she was so beautiful. Tall, long legs—beautiful.

Conflict diamonds are wack. Everything that we harvest is definitely done in a way that is humane and legal.

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