FACE CARD Restless nights are a good thing according to Nick Cannon, who can't sleep after he's signed an important contract. And there were long bouts of insomnia when this actor/comedian inked his first-look production deal with MTV. At 26, he wields the power to green-light projects and live out the Hollywood dream as an executive producer who's doing more than just wildin' out.

My production deal with MTV means I got a whole lot of money to purchase and develop shows, script ideas as well as shoot and develop pilots. Puffy doesn't like it when I tell people that [my MTV deal is worth more money] than his. My deal is better because I have more ground to stand on. I have more shows on the network than he did.

I know a show concept is strong when I can explain it in one sentence.

I have attention deficit disorder. Like, the real thing; not just the expression. When I was a little kid you could see my heart beat through my chest. In second grade, they used to send me to the nurse's office after lunch so I could take the little pills to calm me down. My grandfather told them that they couldn't put me on that stuff anymore, so instead, they gave me this exam and I tested like third highest in the nation. They ended up putting me in gifted and bilingual classes, so they found out all I really needed to do was be challenged a little bit more.

I pay close attention to what the haters are saying. I'll get on [message board] I Hate Nick Cannon, where they talk about everything I've done. It's crazy 'cause I did that song "Can I Live,” thanking my mother for giving me life. And they're like "I wish Nick Cannon's mother would have aborted him.” That was probably a little tough on me, but…I laughed at it.

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