"The Royal Fraternity”

Here's one to grow with: A celebrity's early philosophy is subject to change. It's inevitable. Blame it on the fame, the stifling adulation of a million disciples genuflecting at their every croon, couplet, rim-rocking dunk, executive decision, investment know-how or breakthrough on-screen performance. But in most cases, time and experience are the true culprits of philosophical modification. (KING is certain that past and present Coming KING Kanye Westm for example, has updated some of his ideologies in the last two years.) This year's Coming KINGs offer candid takes on their careers and lives—most of them before the money and groupies pile up. So KING started the sentences you'll read below and fraternity members completed them on impulse. Some of these men—dressed in their Sunday best—may feel the same two years from now. Others will look back and recognize their own evolution.

Terrence Howard

Justification for summons: The vastly underrated thespian has waited in the proverbial wings long enough. His scene-stealing bits in Dead Presidents, The Best Man and the Oscar-winning Ray shot him to the top of Hollywood's Rolodex. In the chamber is his riveting performance as a low-level pimp-turned-rapper in the buzz-heavy indie flick Hustle & Flow.
I came into the business
to do music [laughs]. I did The Jackson 5: An American Dream because I knew I would be playing one of the Jackson's and be around music people. I was singing songs to Jermaine Jackson on set. Berry Gordy made the mistake of saying hi to me, man. The looks on their faces were like, "Would somebody please call security!'”


Jusitification for summons: Twenty-six-year-old Saigon, set to release The Greatest Story Never Told via Just Blaze's Fort Knox Entertainment, is a rarity: a conscious yet hardened thug more concerned with causing change than stacking it.
You won't hear me
miseducating the youth. If you're going to promote sex in a song, let them know that STDs are real. I hear, "I'll let you lick the lollipop,” but not one verse of that song mentions using condoms.

Moises de la Renta

Justification for summons: Great stock and balls. His pops is world-renowned fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. But rather than relying on the family hook-up, Moises started off by interning in Phat Farm's sales department. Now the enterprising 21-year-old is heading up a line in the house of de la Renta and is set to drop his own Moises de la Renta tag in the spring of '05.
There was a time in my life
when I felt a significant amount of pressure because of my last name, I'm always going to be Moises de la Renta. It was really about me taking that step and saying, "Fuck it. I'm going to give this a shot.” This is the family business in which we're in and I'm just going to toll my dice. I'm trying to bridge that gap between high fashion and hip-hop culture. It's still de la Renta, it's still a luxury good and has a classic appeal to it, but it's young, hip-hop and rock ‘n' roll because that's me at the end of the day.