I'm just about fed up. I'm done with all of the snippets, the leaked songs, etc... All of them were good for the most part. The only thing I think you need to do right now, Shallah Louis Rich, is something I think we all have been waiting patiently for.

Get Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 on the streets.

I still have the sticker from the Ghostface concert I went to last February claiming your album would be out that May. And now I see you promoting your clique, Icewater(a la Ghostface and Theodore Unit) off the strength of a single with hip hop's latest gunslinger, Remy Ma, and it concerns me. Mainly because it suggests that you're not really concerned about getting back into the upper echelon of MC's. And, in turn, that surprises me 'cause I know you're too much of a competitor for that.

Maybe part of me wants this album to bring back some of that flavor from the days of the purple tape. I can see why you'd want to wait to release a sequel to such a classic album. But what did you follow it up with? Immobilarity. An album so unremarkable that it made my boy Stroop, a die-hard Shaolin native damn near despondent. "I don't even wanna talk about it man" was his response whenever you asked him about it. The Lex Diamonds Story was an improvement, but it wasn't raw enough. It was too glossy. Only when you came out with The Vatican mixtape did we see that you would be able to come back with a vengance. For me, the Heroin Only mixtape you did with DJ Thoro along with "The PJ's" track with Pete Rock held me down all last summer and gave me hope.

You're in a position to throw a serious wrench in people's plans. 50 Cent is getting his album ready to be released on September 11th, and Kanye West is going to do the same. If cats are aiming to release albums on a day like that, you can only imagine the blood in the water. Rae, you can come in and wreck shop just like Ghost did. Ghost was grindin' it out and lo and behold, Ghost is carrying the Wu right now. And I know that as much as that's your brother, you want that shine. You want that power. Hell, you called out Hov onstage after he came out with Kingdom Come. Once you're done with the Rock The Bells tour, I expect to hear that this album will hit the streets before Thanksgiving. The streets have waited long enough.


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