I'm obsessed with this Japanese animated show titled Death Note. It's probably the illest written program I've experienced in years. Being a fan of Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, etc. I can respect improv style performances but the commitment to the written word in non-slap stick animation is mind twisting. Even on big budget flicks, you can change at the last moment or re-shoot scenes, but once you rock whole stanzas for animation, you have more of a bond to let it ride out.

The whole premise of Death Note goes like this: The Death Gods (who control how long us on Earth have to live) give humans the power to kill anyone they wish as long as they can recognize a person's name and face (among a long list of other rules). The smartest student in Japan, Light Yagami happens upon the Death Note which is the ledger that one must write the name and circumstances of the intended to kill. Once he gets the power rush of killing criminals to make a world void of violence, his morals and code of ethics are questioned. It's his keen sense of deduction that helps him avoid the equally as smart private investigator named L. The plot thickens with all types of six degrees of separation type events, like the main character's Dad is the chief of Police, a celeb model also gets the Death Note and falls in love with dude....just a whole bunch of shit.

Out of 37 known episodes, I'm up to number 21. What I've learned from this show so far is how we as everyday people think, socialize, and evaluate how others act. The show breaks down the intricate thought patterns we go through in trying to solve problems when they invovle decepting others. In this crazy ass industry, I see the same parallels. You have to think how others would think just to think two steps ahead of someone. Insanity. There is no more just acting because that's what you want to do. People and their reactions sometimes force you to act in a way you wouldn't normally conduct yourself. It's all strategy, all of it. Being the smartest one isn't always your best advantage 'cause you can over think and out smart yourself.

I'm telling y'all, this show is that ill. It'll have you question every conversation and dealing you have with people on a daily basis. Is that a good thing? Who knows. I just know I'm addicted to it and can't wait to check episode 22. Peep these YouTube clips of Episode 1 below and tell me what you think.

Episode 1/Part 1

Episode 1/Part 2

Episode 1/Part 3