Newsflash: adopting Cambodian shorties is so 2005.
For Hollywood hotties looking to branch out, the latest trend is multi-tasking. As ladies like Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff add to their box-office Benjamins through song and dance, alluring actress Elise Neal lusts for a similar triple-threat triumph. Sexing-up venues with Godiva: Assorted Flavors, her seductive Los Angeles-based cabaret show, the silver-screen dime is favoring quasi-lesbian displays over those of a thespian nature. Singing and shaking her caramel-tinted frame for eye candy-craving men, Ms. Neal is aiming for on-stage accolades past Hustle & Flow co-star status. And why not? If six no-name dolls can turn "Pussycat” into household slang, surely Elise and her foursome can make Godiva tasters' choice.

Hometown: Memphis
Do you seduce men offstage?
What happens onstage definitely comes from what's inside of me. That's all I'll say.

Hometown: Chicago
Sexiest physical feature:
I'd say my lips or my stomach, but it's hard to choose because I love my whole body so much.

Hometown: Miami
If a man can't dance, does it mean he's horrible in bed?
That's absolutely true. You have to know your body. If you can't move it, I'm sure you can't. . . . Yeah, it's true.