BCS Championship
January 8, 8PM, Glendale, Arizona
So, it's come to this, the Bowl
Championship Series title game.
31 bowls –some blissfully brilliant
like the Fiesta Bowl; others boring
beyond belief like last night's GMAC
Bowl- have come and gone, leaving
this much-debated match-up between
No. 1 Ohio State and No. 2 Florida. The oddsmakers
say the Buckeyes, led by the Heisman Trophy-winning
Troy Smith, will win the game by seven or eight points.
Sounds about right. Sure, Gators head coach Urban
Meyer will have laid out one meticulous game plan.
And yes, his team is quicker than a crackhead on
speed skates. But what some folks have failed to
realize is that OSU's Antonio Pittman and Ted Ginn Jr.
are world-class speedsters, too. The Buckeyes D faced
fleet-footed Texas and Michigan earlier in the year
and everybody knows what happened in those contests.
The only thing different about this primetime affair is
that it'll just be done in front of more viewers. Nothing
Meyer, QB Chris Leak or anybody else in the blue and
orange can do will be nearly enough to stop the 27-17
victory, prompting skeptics across the country to wonder
if Boise State or USC could have managed any better…
Nah, probably not.
Interesting Fact: Having already faced the Longhorns
and Wolverines, the Buckeyes' game with the Gators is
their third No. 1 vs. No. 2 battle of the season.