Comedian Brandon T. Jackson knows the easiest way to any girl's panties heart: comedy. Apparently the rate is for every laugh you get one booty call. And now that the self-ascribed "Class Clown” who appeared alongside Bow Wow in Roll Bounce is set to premier his hilarious self-titled sketch comedy on the N network, he might just have to change his number.'s youngest scribe, Rodney Dugue, chopped it up with Jackson about how Melyssa Ford is not so impossible, what you drink when you're underage, and his MySpace game. You're young, you're a rising actor/comedian, how does it feel, right now, to be Brandon T. Jackson?

Brandon Jackson: I'm feeling good right now, but I'm a little nerve wrecked to be honest. This is my first TV appearance and this is my first writing executive-producer [gig].

Let's rewind the hands of time and take it back to the set of Roll Bounce. Keep it un-Hollywood for a minute. Who was getting more ladies on the set of Roll Bounce, you or Bow Wow?

It was so funny on the set of Roll Bounce. I had the party house that everybody could come back to. My parents weren't in town, Bow Wow's parents were. So, when Bow Wow walked in the room everyone would kinda cuff their girl by the neck [impersonates] "Oh no Bow Wow, you ain't getting her, nah-huh”. You know, back in 8th grade, when all the girls would go to one side and all the guys would go to the other side? It was like the same thing, but all the girls would go to Bow Wow and the guys would be stuck by themselves [on the other side]. So, you know it was definitely Bow wow. But, hey, now, that the Brandon T. Jackson is coming out hopefully I can compete.

I hear that. How is the attention from the ladies now? The same? Or has it grown?

You know what? Ladies these days are very, um, very funny, man. I like the real thing; I'm the son of a preacher, man, and my mom and dad are pastors and I saw the way my mom and Dad got along. So when I see the girls popping out of nowhere, it's kinda hard for me to be real with them.

Well, you probably already know that Melyssa Ford is down with us. If I gave you $30 and 30 minutes, could you press game to Melyssa "Impossible” Ford?

Of course.

Oh, of course?

Of course, man, you talking to… You don't talk to a comic artist, we're trained to talk. This is what we do, dude.. Girls love to laugh, that's one of the things I love about the N channel. When I do my shows, Teens of Comedy, it's all girls in the audience it couldn't be no different. She's a woman, I mean, you know

True. Could you give us a preview of what type of game you would use?

[Laughs] Aww, you gonna put me on the spot. Melyssa Ford, man, I don't know. I need to see her and hear whatever she says, I can roll off and make a joke out of it. I don't know if you wanna play her and be her. I'd rather not do that,

Yeah, I'm not cool with that either. Well, you what about gaming chicks on the Internet. I imagine you have a MySpace page?

Yea, I do. I have a huge MySpace song that got like 5 million hits on MySpace.

How is the love on MySpace?

I got a lot of friends. I have about 100,000 friends. Which is not too bad for a comedian.

Oh wow. I have about 6 friends, I need to work on my page.

Yeah, you need to work on your page. Please, I'm around 6 people right now.

Well, is Wayne Brady in your top 8? For him to be co-producing the show says a lot. How did that come about?

Well, I know Wayne he was the DJ [in Roll Bounce]. I met him, he saw me and we started talking. I met [executive producer of programming at N] S.C chambers at the N channel. And we got into the room and the room pretty much caught on fire with comedy and S.C. couldn't stop laughing. So, I was like why not? Wayne was trying to get his executive producing thing going on.

Hollywood industry, even the music industry, is known for making the even most average dude jell-o – soft and gay. Could you tell us anyone who's on your gay-dar, your gay radar?

[Publicist interrupts, says something about we're not here to speculate on people's private lives.]

Is there any single woman, in the music industry, in Hollywood, or any industry,

All Hollywood girls are mad stuck-up. I hate to say that but it's true. [Publicist warns him not to say any names] You know whom would I love to meet? You know Jennifer Freeman?

Yeah, I'm familiar.

That's my celebrity crush.

Have you met her yet?

Yeah, I did at Omarion's party. It was…I saw two angels around her, it was really weird. I couldn't figure out what to do with her. Nerve-racking, man.

At least, I'm not the only one that happens to. If you were in the NY area and I said let's hit up the club, drinks on you, would you be down?

I would get some Kool-Aid and ice. I would just get some Kool-aid and ice and we could sit down and talk about the Brandon T. Jackson Show. [Publicist says some bit about being 21 to drink]

Any other forbidden acts or subjects in your comedy act?

I would never make fun of religion too much in such a bad way because of my experiences with religion Like, we had a sketch we were gonna do that my dad wouldn't let me listen to regular rappers when I was growing up. So, he would have me listen to gospel rappers like 50 shillings and Judo Cris. But, the sketch didn't go because for the first episode we didn't wanna get that like that. I wouldn't go too far with religion.

Well, what about celebrities? As a comedian, what's funnier Kevin Federline's rap career or the Chicken Noodle Soup Dance?

Kevin Federline's rap career. And you know what's funny? I wanna do a song with him. If you ever reach out to Kevin tell him I want to do a song with him.

Yeah, you talk about Flavor of Love with Flavor Flav. Do you see yourself potentially doing a reality-type show in the future?

No time soon. And, not like that. I would never wear a Viking helmet on TV. I don't know, man he's a character, man. That dude is really… It's really ridiculous. I don't see why the girls be crying over him. I mean there are cameras around me. ‘Cuz these days you don't need game with girls, you just need cameras.

Yeah, it's pretty mind-boggling. Let's leave it at that.

He's pretty cool. That's my dude. It's funny about being a comic. Everybody's name I know. And when I talk about them, people have to understand I am a comic. Everybody knows that it's a fair game.

**Tune in on November 24th to watch the Brandon T. Jackson Show on the N**