Just when you think hip-hop beef couldn't get far, Vida Guerra and The Game went at each other in what is truly one of the most bizarre and childish squabbles in rap history. But at least the Game hasn't Dee Barnes-ed the poor girl.

It all started with this: "Wouldn't Get Far" - The Game feat. Kanye West

Not one to bite her tongue, Vida responded in the pages of KING Magazine's May '07 issue.

Striking while the iron was still hot, Vida Guerra went on radio station KDAY in Los Angeles and hit the Game with another jab on Tha' Goodfellas radio show. This time via freestyle. (Watch video footage of the freestyle, here)

Of course, the Game couldn't leave well enough alone, responding with a diss song of his own.

As with most rap beefs, there are no winners, only losers. The Game not only dissed a video vixen, but he also gave her an excuse to try and rap too. Hopefully, Vida will stay in her lane.