kanye West Virgin Megastore Graduation Album Signing

I headed on down to the New York City Union Square Virgin Records store yesterday for the Kanye West album signing. I got on the scene around 4:00, for an 8:00 signing and was upset when the store employees informed us it wasn't first come first serve, but rather whoever bought the album first. In other words, fair-weather fans were able to arrive at 6 a.m., cop the disc and get a purple wristband guaranteeing them a chance to meet ‘Ye, whether they were dedicated enough to stand in line for hours or not.

The rest of us, were handed orange wristbands at the time of purchase, meaning that ‘Ye would sign our stuff if he had time after all the people with purple wristbands had went.

As me and the considerably larger orange crowd watched purple-banded bandwagon fan after purple-banded bandwagon fan stroll in as it got closer to 8, the frustration grew as they smirked walking past us, taking their coveted spot in the lines formed by the hard metal barricades.

8:00 came and went with no Kanye, but what were we to expect? The man's lyrics frequently echo his penchant for showing up late. As each minute passed, the grins on the purple crowd grew wider and wider as they knew they were guaranteed a spot, and that the Louis Vitton Don would unlikely be doing any autographs for the orange group.

At last, 8:45 came and with it, revenge. Kanye made an expected grandiose entrance, pulling up in front of the store on a flat bed truck blaring "Stronger.” The purple crowd tried to rush forward but were stopped by the barricades. All of the sudden the orange banders had the upper hand (as we should have, many of us were there first). We rushed up to the flatbed truck and enjoyed his mini performance (half of the hit single). After he slapped our hands, we turned around to reclaim our spot in "line” (they didn't actually allow the orange group to make a formal line), catching glares from the purple crew.

‘Ye held everyone down and straight burned through that line. Not only did most of the people with orange wristbands get an autograph, but we all got to go across the stage (much like a graduation ceremony) and shake the mans hand and speak a few words. While he did give us a scare when he got up and started walking away, his hype-lady assured us that he was only taking a short break and that he'd be back.

If you're reading this orange team, way to persevere. We got the best of both worlds, lol.

And Kanye if you're reading this (he has said that he spends an overwhelming amount of time on the internet checking blogs for what they write about him), thanks for the entrance and the signature. Sorry I didn't say anything more life changing to you when I shook your hand.

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