You can save all the Ring II references for another publication. This Samara ( doesn't climb out of a well to jump out of your idiot box. But she does have her own methods of grabbing your attention. "I guess it's a little cocky of me, but I just love turning people on. I don't care whether they're male or female,” says the 20-year-old sexpot. "So if I can connect with someone through a picture or a video, I feel I'm doing my job.”

Sure, KING has a soft spot for lipstick lesbians, but who could blame us when the sexy Motown maven has a section ("Girl/Girl”) dedicated to her love of the female persuasion. "I've always been a sexual person, especially with women,” the Louisiana Creole and French Canadian mixed beauty admits. "I've been with a lot more women than I have with guys—I've done just about everything you can think of. With a woman you can go so much further than with a guy. They're more energetic in the bedroom. Even after they climax, they keep going and going for hours.”