Scene 1:
Location: INTERIOR: Harlem, USA, the Sugar Shack
At the Sugar Shack nightspot, the famous rub shoulders with the infamous. The pulsating sound of circa 1991 Supecat pumps from the speakers. In a corner is the member of the Harlem outfit the Diplomats JUELZ SANTANA, puffing on a freshly rolled piff. Winding up against Juelz is KEISHA, an Uptown chick in a miniskirt that's fighting to stay on her round rump. Just then, a tall modelesque GIRL brushes up against Juelz and slips her number into his pocket.

Give me a call, daddy.

Who the fuck was that bitch, Juelz?

She's just a fan who wanted my autograph. Why do you always think somebody has to be cheating on you?

Uh-uh. Fuck that shit!

Keisha storms off after the GIRL, grabs her arm and smacks her in the face. Stunned partygoers look on with a chorus of "Oohs.”

Oh, you a fan? I'll give your ass an autograph!

We gotta go before squalie come. I can't take your crazy ass anywhere.

Yeah, but you know you love this ass.

Juelz shakes his head and grabs Keisha and heads for the door.