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With July almost on its way out, we're starting this week fresh and catching up on the hottest news. Find out 50 Cent thinks about AT&T and the 10-year anniversary of The Massacre, read up on the latest on Chris Brown's robbery incident and see what Ghostface Killah had to say about Action Bronson. Also, take a look at a KING gallery featuring Leola Bell.

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    Leola Bell

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    15 Videos of Non-Stop Bouncing Boobs

    Today's Eye Candy doesn't bury the lead and provides us with 15 videos of busty women bouncing around. Obviously, these videos are NSFW, so take car when viewing.

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    50 Cent Accuses AT&T of Being 'Racist,' Wants 'Power' Fans to Switch Cable Providers

    Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

    50 Cent has called AT&T "racist" with regard to the negotiations between AT&T and Starz. He claims that because of AT&T, 500,000 people won't be able to watch the next episode of Power.

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    Cops Think That Chris Brown's Home Was Robbed By Close Friends, Not Club Promoters

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    Chris Brown's California home was robbed last week, with the assailants even holding his aunt up at gunpoint. LAPD now believes that Bloods members close to Brown were the perpetrators.

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    Ghostface Killah Disses Action Bronson, Bronson Responds

    Ghostface Killah had some choice words for Action Bronson after Bronson said that he, "isn't rapping like this anymore." In Ghost's response video, he goes on a rant about how he could make Bronson disappear.

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    50 Cent on the 10-Year Anniversary of 'The Massacre'

    XXL interviewed 50 Cent during the filming of an episode of Power and talked to him about the 10-year anniversary of his sophomore album, The Massacre. They talk about the things that have changed in the last decade and the process involved in writing the album.