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The end of another long week means you can look forward to relaxing a little. Go off into the weekend having caught up on the hottest news. Find out who's going to appear on Drake's new album, find out why Jay Z was calling up some of his fans and see pictures of Chris Brown's daughter, Royalty. Also, take a look back at a classic gallery featuring the amazing Rosa Acosta.

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    Rosa Acosta

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    25 Years Later: A Tribe Called Quest's 'People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm' Album Still Holds Weight

    It's been 25 years since the release of the album and XXL takes a look at its long-reaching effects. The fact that it stands as a foundation for the hip-hop group is explored.

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    Jay Z is Personally Calling Tidal Users to Say Thank You for Signing Up

    The Tidal streaming service allows artists to see what users are streaming their content and can look up their contact info. Jay Z has apparently made phone calls to several of his fans to thank them for their patronage.

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    Art School Defends Decision to Give Kanye West an Honorary Doctorate

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    The School of the Art Institute of Chicago announced that they would be awarding Kanye West with an honorary doctoral degree. The school's president, Walter E. Massey, and Dean of Faculty Lisa Wainwright have spoken about their decision to award Kanye with the degree.

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    Beyonce Will Be on Drake's New Album 'Views From the 6'

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    Drake has recorded two songs for his upcoming LP, Views From the 6. One of those songs is a collaboration with Beyonce.

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    Chris Brown Confirms He's a Father, Shares Photos of His Daughter

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    Chris Brown has confirmed his fatherhood of 9-month-old Royalty. He's taken to Instagram and posted photos of himself with his daughter, clearly enjoying being a father.