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Find out what's been going on today and catch up on the news with us. Learn what the latest is when it comes to Fetty Wap's album, see what Ma$e said about old New York and why James Harden made the jump from Nike to adidas. Also, take a look at a KING gallery featuring Kattya Heredia.

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    Kattya Heredia

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    Video Vixen Ashlee Cowan is One Bad Shorty

    Ashlee Cowan Instagram

    Today's subject on the XXL Eye Candy feature is Ashlee Cowan. She's a model from New York and is a mix of Egyptian and French.

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    Ma$e Recalls Old New York on '#WhenNYWasNY'

    Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

    Ma$e has a new track called "#WhenNYWasNY" that was just released. In the rap, he reminisces about the New York of old.

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    Jidenna and Janelle Monae Lead Police Brutality March

    via Twitter

    Entertainers Janelle Monae and Jidenna led a march in Philadelphia in order to protest police brutality. Jidenna was quoted as saying that the event was a "Black Joy Celebration Demonstration."

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    James Harden Leaves Nike for Adidas

    Getty Images

    Adidas has announced a partnership with Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden. The deal includes an exclusive signature collection, product design collaboration and marketing.

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    Fetty Wap's Debut Album May Come Out Next Month

    Tom Medvedich

    Fetty Wap has told Big Boy that he's got a release date for his debut album. The tentative date is set for Sept. 25, 2015.