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Been too busy today to catch up on the news? We've got your back. Check out the hottest stories of the day. Find out what Meek Mill and Waka Flocka Flame have to say about Donald Trump's comments about the Baltimore riots on Twitter, what 12-step program Iggy Azalea needs to complete and what hidden message is located on the To Pimp a Butterfly's album pamphlet.

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    Ciara Attends White House State Dinner with Her 'Baby' Russell Wilson

    Olivier Douliery, Getty Images

    The rumors have been circulating that Ciara and Seattle Seahwaks quarterback Russell Wilson are an item. Attempts to get Wilson to admit that he's seeing Ciara have resulted in no positive answers.

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    Lakers Guard Nick Young is Making Iggy Azalea Go Through a 12 Step Program Before Marrying Her

    Getty Images

    Nick Young told Flaunt magazine that he's having Iggy Azalea complete a 12 step program before he pops the question. The steps are basically rules for being with him.

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    Hidden Braille Message in Kendrick Lamar's Album Pamphlet Reveals Full Title

    There's a hidden message in the album pamphlet of To Pimp a Butterfly that reveals the full title of album, said Kendrick. Fans will actually be able to feel the bumps and discern the full title, though it is jumbled when translated.

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    Meek Mill and Waka Flocka Flame Respond to Donald Trump's Comments on Baltmore Riots

    Zach Wolfe

    The situation in Baltimore has been the subject of much discussion in the nation. Donald Trump has sounded off on social media and Meek Mill and Waka Flocka Flame have responded to his thoughts.

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    Jay Z is Hosting a Special Concert for Tidal Users

    Jay Z will throw a special concert that features only B-sides and songs he's never performed before on stage. This concert will be exclusive to Tidal users who create, name and share a Tidal playlist on Twitter.