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You might already be able to smell the weekend in the air, but we still have one more day to go. Catch up on the news in the meantime and make that push to Friday night. Today's stories of interest include the hacker group Anonymous attacking Kanye West, Drake donating money for a Philadelphia high school's recording studio and Jay Z's bid for a Swedish streaming company being accepted. And you can also treat your eyes to a classic gallery featuring the sexy Jernie.

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    Kanye West Receives Creep Message from Prankster Claiming to Be Hacker Group Anonymous

    A person claiming to belong to the hacker collective Anonymous posted a video attacking Kanye West. Anonymous denied ties to this person and actually expressed support for Kanye.

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    Madonna Says She Dated Tupic

    Madonna revealed that she had dated Tupac during an interview with Howard Stern. She talked about how dating him got her "all riled up" before an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman in 1994.

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    Mural of The Notorious B.I.G. is Coming to the Grocery Store He Worked At

    Artist Danielle Mastrion wants to create a mural for Biggie on the side of the grocery store that employed the famous rapper before he became famous. The mural will be completed sometime in the latter half of March.

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    Drake Donates $75K to Build Recording Studio for Philadelphia High School

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    Drake has donated $75,000 towards the building of a recording studio at Strawberry Mansion High School in Philadelphia. The school is located in a poor and dangerous neighborhood and Drake was impressed at the principal's efforts to reduce violence and improve academics.

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    Jay Z's Bid for Swedish Streaming Company is Accepted

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    Jay Z's $56.2 million bid for Aspiro has been accepted. Not much is known about his intentions for the company, but perhaps we'll see him utilize its international streaming services in the near future.